Experience the Skee-Ball game that is sure to stand out in the crowd!

Skee-Ball “Glow” is aptly named with its elaborate lighting package and all the glitz and glam you’d expect from a boardwalk game in the early 1900s when Skee-Ball was born. It’s perfect in low-lit FECs and game rooms where they need to stand out from the other bright, attention-grabbing games nearby.

Patented in 1908, Skee-Ball is THE original alley game – anything else is just a substitute! Now complete with valuable product design updates and a new look that reflects the vintage, glamorous style of that time period, Skee-Ball “Glow” is sure to attract attention in any game room.

Lanes sold separately. Ships on 1 skid, 2 pieces

Assembled: 2’6” W x 10’2” D x 7’8″ H

Weight: 645 lbs.  Ship Weight: 695 lbs.


vintage glam

Skee-Ball Glow takes the classic look of the lane and takes it up a notch! Its robust lighting package includes chase lights, lit acrylic cages and target rings, and channel covers that match the ball trough – which should help when players get confused about which balls are theirs and which are their competitors’. 

make your game room glow

a personal experience

Skee-Ball Glow is compatible with the Bay Tek GO app; a blue tooth app enabled feature that allows you to generate customized messages across multiple lanes. This can be specials for that night or personalized messages for your guests to give them the warm and fuzzies.