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Skee-Ball isn’t just for arcades or game rooms anymore! Now you can take the classic alley bowler home with you.
Whether for your home game room, rec room, bar or man cave, Skee-Ball is a perfect fit for your home. Entertain guests with some friendly, nostalgic competition and keep the good times rollin.
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Skee-Ball (classic)

Skee-Ball (modern)

Skee-Ball (centennial)

Want to shoot hoops in your home?!

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We have three different Skee-Ball alley bowlers, the centennial 100th anniversary edition truly built for the home market, the classic Skee-Ball alley
with its retro look, and a modern Skee-Ball for a more contemporary feel. We also have a basketball game, Super Shot, which is sure to create great competitive memories. You can order the Super Shot to come standard or as the motion version where the backboard moves for more challenging gameplays.

We sell through authorized resellers and retail stores (see above). For more information on how you can purchase a game please contact Jeff Hudson at or 610-554-7499.

    • Our MSRP is as follows
      • Skee-Ball (10’ classic) $5,999.00
      • Skee-Ball (10’ modern) $6,999.00
      • Skee-Ball (13’ centennial) $7,499.00
      • Super Shot (Standard) $7,999.00
      • Super Shot (Motion) $8,999.00

This is a variable price that is determined on a case by case purchase.  Each reseller handles ancillary costs differently. Please contact Jeff Hudson to put you in contact with a reseller near you: or 610-554-7499.

Bay Tek Games does not handle the installation or any direct sales.  You must purchase our home games through an authorized reseller.  Our resellers will be able to handle shipping and installation.

Each alley bowler comes in two pieces for easier installation.  The Super Shot also breaks down into smaller pieces.  In all cases, consult with your authorized reseller to insure the games will fit in your desired space or check out the game pages for specs.

Our games plug into a standard 110 volt household outlet.

No, our home sales games ship with free play buttons installed and no coin-mechs.

Each game is sold with a 6-month factory warranty.

In the event that our games need servicing, Bay Tek Games has an excellent phone support team that would be able to troubleshoot and walk you through any repair that may be needed. Call 920-822-3951 or email

This is the real deal! Bay Tek Games purchased Skee-Ball, Inc. in 2016 and has been working hard to keep the original Skee-Ball game (invented in 1909) and the iconic brand relevant in today’s market. With the acquisition Bay Tek now owns the Skee-Ball trademark.